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The Call Box Reinvented

Introducing Cloud Screen


Cloud Screen is a complete reinvention of old Call-Box intercom systems. We’ve fixed all the old problems with communication and security while vastly improving the user experience integrating ground-breaking new technologies.

Smart Names Directory

Easily update all property names directories simultaneously from the web using Cloud Control Software. Add and delete tenants at will in real-time as they move in and out of your property.

Knock, Talk & Video Communication

Cloud Screen offers guests, tenants and management advanced  communication options like never before. Cloud, mobile, and landlines are fully integrated to connect users quickly and provide a convenient, blissful experience.

Lasting First Impression

Cloud Screen elevates the guest experience to your property to new levels. Guests, vendors and prospective new renters gain the first impression your property deserves.

Increase Security

Cloud Screen eliminates the the unsafe static access code completely. Guests sign-in to access your property, giving managers a complete access history log stored in the cloud. Now you know who is coming and going from your property at all times!

Passive Marketing

Cloud Screen is so much more than just a call box names directory. Clould Screen offers a host of sub-menu branding and passive marketing screens like property photo galleries, interactive site maps, leasing specials, floor plans and management communication abilities. All content is easily updated form the Web using Cloud Control Software.

Open Everything With Keyless Convenience

Keyless Access Mobile App

CloudKeyz FREE Mobile App replaces the need to manually track and manage multiple access tools like physical keys, fobs, access cards and static access codes. Now tenants, guests and employees can easily access community doors, gates and garages key-free and property managers have full control of who accesses their property and when.


“Key+Invite” is our most beloved app function for tenants. Using the mobile app, tenants can send one-time, timed/periodic, or permanent mobile access to friends and family with a map, driving directions, special instructions and RSVP. They also receive notifications when their guest enters the property.

Message Center

Message center is a fast and efficient way allowing tenants to send messages to property management using their mobile app. They can send pictures along with service request and much more.

Restricted Access

Using KeyVite tenants can send restricted access on a one-time or periodic basis to babysitters, cleaning services, gardeners, etc…and property managers have the ability to monitor or restrict who tenants allow on the property at any time.

Save Time and Money

CloudKeyz Mobile App reduces the hassle of changing locks and unsafe static access codes due to lost keys, access cards, fobs and garage door openers. Improve management efficiency with cool keyless technology.

Keyless Convenience

Tenants don’t want to carry multiple access tools to move about the property. CloudKeyz Mobile app give them one simple solution to access everything.


We Bring Doors to Life

Introducing Cloud Lock


The Cloud Lock was specifically engineered so that any electronic access point – door, gate or garage – can be can be quickly installed In 30 minutes or less. Its primary function is to connect your access points so that they can be managed in the cloud, report access data and be opened using the secure CloudKeyz mobile application. It adapts to any access point’s preexisting infrastructure (door latch and wires). So don’t worry, your upgrade to the CloudKeyz system will be easy regardless of property age without an invasive wiring or installation processes.

No WiFi, Ethernet or Landlines required!

CloudKeyz was engineered using the most reliable cellular platform. Good news! This means no more monster phone bills or running wires throughout your property.

Engineered for Fast & Easy Install

CloudLock was specifically engineered so any age property can be quickly upgraded with cool new keyless technology.

Access Everything With CloudLock

Cloud Lock can be installed to control any community common-area access points including external doors gates and garages as well as internal common-areas such as gym, pool, business center, laundry, tennis courts and more.

Property Access Management Reinvented

Introducing Cloud Control

Your monthly subscription to Cloud Control admin software provides complete access management over all CloudKeyz technology on your property – Cloud Screen, CloudLock and Mobile App.  Now property managers have the power to instantly add and revoke mobile keys, update property names directories, access property analytics, view access records, update Cloud Screen content and communicate with with tenants via the mobile platform.

Real-Time Mobile App Control

Instantly monitor activity or issue and revoke mobile key access to employees, tenants, guest, service vendors.

Control All Access Points

View access history, door state notifications, remotely open any access point connected to the CloudKeyz system from the web, and much more!

Property Communication with Message Center

Message Center allows you to send a message directly to your tenants mobile device. Send property-wide notifications or send a single message to a specific tenant. Track message conversations with tenants and get notified when messages are read. Now you can finally STOP hanging ugly paper notices around your property.

Control All CloudScreen Content

Update multiple property names directories simultaneously, update passive marketing content and branding, and much much more…

Control Property Security

With CloudKeyz technology, you will finally know who is coming and going from your property at all times. This is a first for property management. This will enhance the feeling of offering a safe and secure property to your tenants. We’ve completely eliminated the risky static access code. Everyone that enters your property will sign-in with their image or digital signature that is saved in the cloud enhancing liability mitigation.


Upgrading Your Property Has Never Been Easier

CloudKeyz Installation


Property Site Visit

A CloudKeyz representative will walk your property with the onsite manager to select the best access points to install the CloudKeyz system. Once access points are chosen we collect a deposit and schedule an installation date.


Plug & Play Install

We only use ground power and two wires to tap into your existing electronic door, gate or garage system, and leave your old system in place and functioning as usual. The install is simple, non-invasive, done in 30-minutes or less per access point.


Connect to the Cloud

We train property managers how to use Cloud Control Software to load property names directory and send your tenants the free mobile app. We also host an onsite property meeting for tenants to learn their new technology.

CloudKeyz Innovations

Wearable Access Integration

Tenants living in a CloudKeyz capable property will enjoy some special capabilities you just cant find anywhere else… Like moving about the property with ease and never having to reach in your pocket to access keys for the gym, pool, tennis, business center, etc… Convenience powered by CloudKeyz, Smile on!


Vehicle Access Integration

Coming Soon!

You don’t have to roll down the window in bad weather just to lean out and reach that old call box anymore. Now its in the comfort of your own vehicle with a smart search quick connect CloudKeyz technology so you can get secure access to the property with a tap on your car’s touchscreen.


The Dream Team

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